BOMBON's voter's programme

It is amazing how many people are dissatisfied with how the state (and public administration in general) operates and with what is happening in politics. How many people there are who are irritated by the long line of politicians and officials who are semi-incompetent and totally incompetent, dishonest and self-serving ….

… and how few of these same people are able to actually define what needs to be changed, or what they themselves would change, if they could…

… people typically feel that „ something should be done about this…“, „someone should…“ etc. …

… and how this is quickly taken advantage of by other incompetent and dishonest would-be-leaders, who declare themselves to be the ones who will finally „do something“ „with it“ and then all will be well again for all of us…

… without being concerned about any details and (which is even worse) without any reporters, „experts“ or, God forbid, voters, asking these would-be-leaders any inquisitive questions such as „how?“ or perhaps even „why?“.

And that is why I decided to write my own voter's programme (not an electoral programme!!!, I have no desire to be a politician!!!), so that politicians know what they need to do to get my vote, and in order to at the same time write down the reasons that lead me to want from the state the things that I want from it.

In contrast with those who are „more qualified“ in this regard, I have my own clear idea of how the state should operate, and especially WHY it should operate that way.
The principles outlined below represent the foundation of my voter's programme as well as the foundation for my opinions in general. If you agree or disagree with these views, and wish to tell me so, or if you want to argue with me, please let me know. I can be contacted here. I am willing to consider other arguments, after all there is always the possibility that I am mistaken….